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OUR Services

You will be allocated your own personal counselor who will help you and your family to understand all the options available to you. We provide guidance every step of the way.

  • 1) VISA Assistance – We'll make sure you have the right application forms, and can help translate and courier your paperwork.
  • 2) Course Application – We'll support you through the application process. Successful applicants will receive a letter of offer via EduCastlesAbroad Services.
  • 3) Tuition Fees – We shall advise you on tuition fees and any other charges from the institution (such as application fees.)
  • 4) Before Departure – You'll be invited to a pre-departure event where you can find out more about life in Canada.
  • 5) Family Support - Tourist Visas for your parents/ Spouse

Our Process

Step 1

Think about what you'd like to study and the university or college you'd like to attend.

Step 2

Our study abroad counselors will help you find the course and destination that's right for you, based on multiple factors i.e. qualification, interest, course eligibility, and budget.

Step 3

Your EduCastles counselor will provide help with your course application. We can also make sure you can access the latest visa information from official sources. To reduce the hassle, we can also help with translating and couriering your documents.

Step 4

EduCastles Abroad Services organizes pre-departure information events to help you get ready to arrive in Canada.


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Representing prestigious universities and colleges throughout Canada, there are a wide range of Diploma & Degree programs and courses to choose from, including undergraduate, postgraduate or professional/masters degrees, diplomas or certificates.